PlayforRights is a non-profit organization which is committed to human rights, peacebuilding and arts. The organization is active in Switzerland and has its headquarters in Basel. We are however also active in other European countries and in South America. The activities of PlayforRights include peace education, peace research, activism and a broad spectrum of art performances. The organization furthermore raises awareness for human rights and advocates for the improvement of human rights issues. Lastly, the organization empowers especially youth and children by giving them access to training, expertise and support.

PlayforRights strongly believes that a peaceful future and a just society can be created by building a human web of relations where people from different expertise and background go through similar experiences and yet give their own unique expression and meaning to that experience by embracing diversity, co-existence and commonalities instead of differences.

The goal of PlayforRights is to bridge the following pillars:

                  Peace: Here we mean Positive Peace instead of Negative Peace (absence of war). This peace enables the full development of the human personality

                  Human Rights: Here we mean not just human rights as the binding law but as a way to recognize the human capacities 

                  Art: Not as mere entertainment but as a way to explore the depth of human experience


By recalling United Nations Declaration on Human Rights Education, adopted in UN Resolution 66/137: ‘The arts should be encouraged as a means of training and raising awareness in the field of human rights’; PlayforRights empowers young artists and peace-builders, as well as a wider audience, to become aware of social conflicts that threaten universal freedoms and violate human rights. How do we do this? By exploring those channels of the inner-being that connect people to their very own processes of imagination, intuition and creativity. While doing this, we represent the normative concept of human rights/human duties with one focused more on human dignity and values.


For those members of the organization that are not based in Switzerland, it has been created an Worldwide PlayforRights Network where artists; peace-practitioners and human rights activists from different latitudes are in touch in a regular base, exchanging ideas and implementing specific methods in within their own projects back in their communities.


We do not have doubts that peacebuilding is first an art than a technique. We are convinced that any art form has the potential to rescue humanity by contributing to the human progress simply because the idea of controlling everything in society is not in the very nature of art. Hence, any truly art form recognizes the unity in diversity. In fact, art empowers these differences whilst celebrating them.

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