PlayforRights is planning in 2018 to open a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Peacebuiling, Art Making and Human Rights Advocacy

PlayforRights aims to build up an international study centre and intercultural laboratory for conflict transformation, human security, art making and peace.

The educational concept of our CAS study programme combines interdisciplinary peace research, the teaching of constructive conflict transformation theories and skills, a practical experience of multi- cultural coexistence – students from all over the world living and studying together – and the development of personal competencies for art-based approaches in peace work.


This study program is a bridge between academia and the professional field. Through this programme, PlayforRights aims to promote a global culture of peace by educating experts and multipliers, who can either go on to additional education in peace studies or take their knowledge directly into the field.


The teaching methodology includes lectures, seminars, exercises, group activities, art performances, excursions, self-study, library research and writing papers.


The PlayforRights CAS setting enables students to live and interact with other students and lecturers from all walks of life and different parts of the world.


Our faculty is going to be made up of visiting lecturers from a broad international spectrum, which ensures a cross-cultural approach to the study of peace and conflict transformation. This multi-cultural interaction between students, and between students and faculty, is a factor that will distinguish this study program from others.


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