2014/August: Play your role in human rights

Playforrights was invited to offer a musical concert at IMFLUSS and we used the opportunity to deliver a human right campaign, approaching the public present and inviting them to play their own role in human rights.


The IMFLUSS Festival is a floating stage with sails in the summer in Basel offering every day different concerts. In 2014 this Festival hosted 17 bands with 50,000 visitors at the Rheine promenade. On 17th August, PlayforRights sailed with musical, dance, and art performances dedicated to the World Humanitarian Day. Musicians from Hungary, Poland, Argentina, and Romania played chamber music which was accompanied by talented Italian dancers and followed by a young Ugandan artist who shared her poetry on the stage.


Off the stage, the intention was exchanging thoughts and ideas with the youth in Basel, making surveys and interviews with ordinary citizens and delivering concrete information about the vision and mission of PlayforRights.

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