2014/May: Discover your rights today

PlayforRights offered a Human Rights Campaign based on different communicational ways at the ARTBASEL 2014.


ARTBASEL is an international art fair annually taking place in Basel and on that occasion, on 20-21 June, 2014 PlayforRights team launched Human Rights Campaign. The intension was to raise awareness on human rights issues at a global artistic event and allow reflections amongst participants on the fragility of human rights and how they can be addressed by means of the arts. The workshop took place at the Messeplatz which is one of the most crowded spots during the ARTBASEL.


The experimental activity was based on voluntary interaction and participation where the participant was asked to share the most recent human rights violation heard, seen or done by him/herself and what was the creative communicational way that it was channelled or transformed. Another activity was to ask the participants what does human rights mean to them and is there any linkage between arts and human rights as such. Expected outcome was; developing an understanding in the minds of the participants regarding some human rights articles by going beyond a normative (cognitive) conceptualization of it.

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