2015/December: Right to music education in Argentinean public schools

December 2015 was the four edition of the Youth Meeting Music for All: a socio-educative program based on collective practice of music. The event is mainly destined to young musicians from slum communities. This event was one week long. During such period, participants and professors conducted a campaign for the right of musical education and full enjoyment of cultural life, especially in disadvantaged areas. The main intention of this event was to raise awareness of the potential of music education.


Youth Meeting Music for All runs every two years in different Argentinean cities. So far, it has been done in Mendoza, Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Santa Fé. The project offers concerts in day care institutes, houses for elders, squares and other public spaces. The project was founded by Elias Abraham-Foscolo, and nowadays is run by the president of Music For All Association, Prof. Benjamin Vilte.


Find more info here: www.musicaparatodos.org


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